SO, its come together nicely, fairly rapidly and nicely spread. Cuss Words (two lovely boys from daaaan saaaaafff) and Horses, will be touring between the 1st to the 10th September across the UK. Chances are listed below…

01/09 - The Kittywake, Wigan w/ Former Bullies (its a boat, come its on a boat!)
02/09 - Gullivers, Manchester w/ Klaus Kinski
03/09 - A Grand Day Out Festival, Otley w/ Cowtown, Juffage, D’Astro, Yugoslavian Boys and loads more
05/09 - Rascals Bar, Bangor w/ Skinny Limbs & The Not Only’s
06/09 - Wolstenholme Creative Space, Liverpool
07/09 - Oporto, Leeds w/ Idea Shower (and its Tom from Cuss Words birthday)
08/09 - Buffalo Bar, London
09/09 - The Red House, Sheffield w/ Picore & Slowcoaches
10/09 - Bar Up, Halifax w/ United Fruit

It is almost guaranteed to be perfect. We’re really stoked to be playing with so many good bands for loads of nice people and looking forward to the break of our hectic, business like lifestyles…

Poster to come very soon, see you somewhere


3 years ago


I made an error.

Its WEDNESDAY 20TH JULY 2011 we’re playing the Audacious space in Sheffield with KLAUS KINSKI, SKINNY LIMBS and TRANS/HUMAN, NOT Thursday 21st.

We’ve cleared that up now, so you can’t blame it on us if you miss it. Don’t miss it.

More information on the group page on facebook…

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We have some exciting stuff coming up, a couple of festivals, a split release for/with some of our favourite people in THE WORLD and a UK tour with another couple of good looking boys. So here it goes…

First up, check the shows, we’ve got loads coming.

Thursday 21st July WEDNESDAY 20TH JULY at the Audacious Art Experiment practice space in Sheffield with KLAUS KINSKI, SKINNY LIMBS + MORE. Its bring your own booze and its likely to go on laaaaate, so GO. Also, I heard Klaus Kinski are bringing an extra drummer to nail us with, not to be missed! Go here for more information.

Friday 22nd July at The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield we’ll be kicking off Tramlines Festival playing with supre-bro’s ALGIERS, NICE and ELK. Its going to be a total love-in, and correct me if I’m wrong, ITS FREE!

Saturday 23rd July we’ll be playing as part of the Uneven Blonde stage at Tramlines with some other folks like ALGIERS, MILK MAID and a load of bands we don’t really know so it’ll be total fun finding out. FREEEEEEEE.

Over the days leading up to this week we’ll be recording for a very special split release with SEX HANDS. Giant Hell will be releasing it and it makes us and our mum’s very proud as they’re pretty much the best band in the UK right now. It will be out in time for…

Saturday 13th August when we play the very excellent weekend bonanza that is YES WAY (poster above). We’re happy to be playing and are amongst the great company that Upset the Rhythm have put together. Obvs, we’ll be there but so will SEX HANDS, PLEASE, SPIN SPIN THE DOGS, HOOKWORMS, PRIZE PETS and so, so many more. Its pretty unmissable and we’re stoked to be coming down to see you in London. See UTR’s blog for links and a run-down.

Then come September 1st to the 10th, we’ll be on tour with the UK’s playboys of garage, THEE CUSS WORDS. Its a brutal, maybe limp at times force we’re bringing out to your town. Dates are on the shows page, help us if you can in any of the free spots.


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Between 1st and 10th September, we’re going on tour with two men by our sides. Men called CUSS WORDS. They’re pretty swell guys and we can’t wait to be hung over, sweaty and boxed into a car for over a week.

We could do with some help on some dates though. You want to? Oh thats cool, cheers. Here are the dates…

01/09 - We’re gonna get to know each other intimately. Get real close and play a show of our doing at a place we’ll tell you closer to the time…
03/09 - GLASGOW
04/09 - SCOTLAND/UP NORTH SOMEWHERE… we could do with HELP
05/09 - WIGAN…maybe?
06/09 - LIVERPOOL…maybe?
07/09 - LEEDS
08/09 - LONDON
10/09 - HALIFAX

11/09 - Home for a four in bed…maybe.

These dates are getting picked up fast but if you can help with aanything in your city, we’d be chuffed. Get in touch yeah.


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We’re going for a DOUBLE WHAMMY news post today. We’ve got some cathing up to do.

First up, both tapes EDWIN STEVENS and DARRYL PEAT are available now. Act fast as they are both very close to being gone. They won’t be back.


Or get them from us, but we have very few left. Email if you want one.

Whilst we’re on the subject of releases, Adam, Horses axe-man and total riff-head, has only gone and knocked out a tape on the side. Under the name of TOUCANS he’s released a cassette for all occasions, my favourite being the birthday party. Christmas is good too, but HEAVY METAL BALLARDS is what we’re really talking about and is going to be non-stop on your deck soon. Listen HERE and buy HERE.

We have some new recordings on our SOUNDCLOUD. You should listen to them. They’ll be featuring on at least two new releases that are upcoming. We have a split tape with one of our favourite bands from Manchester, that will be revealed soon enough…


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So, Saturday was ace. Massive, massive thanks to Luke, Sam, John, Daz and the rest of the Sheffield lot. Loads of fun was had. Total highlight was the loudest SEX HANDS set ever, B>E>A>K were incredible as always and Sattelites of Love were a find! Right on! Plus boozey dancing with Henry Hartley. It was all pretty lads on tour, never wrong.

So, SATURDAY this SATURDAY, the SATURDAY coming. Yeah SATURDAY. Saturday we’re playing with THEE OH SEES at The Deaf Institute. We’re not a good reason to go but make sure you catch Thee Oh Sees, best live band right now bar none!

Before that though, we’ll be playing Islington Mill on the FRIDAY night with bossom buddies and sometimes lovers, IRMA VEP (amongst others) and maybe, just maybe, we’ll be playing BIG HANDS on Oxford Road, or is it Wilmslow road by then? with some booyyyyyys called PEACESIGNS.

Big weekend! More gigs to come too.


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Since we last spoke, we’ve had a couple of coooooool video’s pop up.

First, in a post next to this, is by Darren Topliss; photographer, film maker, hero. He filmed us while we recorded our latest tape/got really, really drunk. It was fun and as you can see from the video, you missed out.

Second was recorded by another gud-bud, Nick Ainsworth of Former Bullies, Dinner Party and Feel Right fame. If you don’t know the bands we just named, you’re a dick. WATCH IT BY CLICKING HERE.

Lastly, we’re playing this amazing show at the weekend. Apart from it not being the best thing to happen this year with a whole host of mint bands, photography and beer going down, we’re pretty hot on our boyfriends/girlfriends/lovers Sex Hands playing. Sheffield, you haven’t seen them before, if you don’t see them this time we don’t care for you at all.

See you Saturday, we’ll have copies of EDWIN STEVENS and DARRYL PEAT with us as well as fucking t-shirts, yeah, t-shirts. Get them while they’re hot and smell of solvents.


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Another tape on its way!


3 years ago

We're not dead

Hello! We’ve (I’ve) been lazy and not posted anything in ages. We recorded our second album the other day which should but out some time soon. You can hear one of the tracks here Also we’ve got a couple shows coming up. First of which is on May 2nd for Not shy of the DIY (Facebook page is here - and the second is for Drowned in Sound on the 10th  (Facebook - I’m sure we have more but I can’t remember. Thats all.x

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We enjoyed the gig at The Washington a lot. Really good to see lots of people we hadn’t seen for quite a while and to play with top bands. Good stuff. Thanks again to The AUDACIOUS ART EXPERIMENT lot for having us. Oh, and there is a video across the page, with more to come!

In more community based news, our very good friends WAITERS have just finished a video of their time playing and being in Japan. Its a classic so watch that HERE and go and listen to them because they are maaaaaajor HORSES favourites.

We’re in the process of planning some more recording with our best bud’ EDWIN which will result in another cassette we reckon. We’ll probably get this one out sharpish I think. Not before EDWIN STEVENS but closely after so save your pennies back for it.

We WILL be playing again. The posters above say so, and so do we. That sentence sounds doubtful, but we’re excited. Both show’s are with bands and people we love so we’re excited.

MARCH 22ND with NODZZZ, THE MATLES and WAITERS at The Deaf Institute Manchester
MARCH 26TH with JOHN MAUS, PLUG, WAITERS and loads more with very special NO WOMB DJ’s.

All really good.

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The INCREDIBLE Bruised Tongue who are helping get EDWIN STEVENS out there with Comfortable on a Tightrope, are in their words “jumping ship from myspace!” by switching their internet on and hitting the ‘we’re totally bitchin’ key and making a SoundCloud. There are a bunch of new hits on there including our song Call In.


3 years ago

Well the gig at the Washington with Wooderson and That fucking tank was amazing as expected. Our friend Darren (He did the poster too! filmed some of our set. Here is kill me now. Hope you like it!

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We’re playing this totally amazing FREE FREE FREE gig at The Washington in Sheffield this coming Monday, 28th of February for those who can’t take days of the week. Thanks again to the Audacious Art Experiment lot for asking us. Clever guys them lot.

Nice poster by Darren Topliss too, as always!

Friends, beers, Sheffield, free!! 8PM!

Did I mention its FREE?!


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Good friend, as in REALLY GOOD FRIEND Rob posted some short but very sweet words about us on his website the other day. Great guy, great blog.


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